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Crossword Puzzles Activity Pages

The allocated minions come to our web of games and activities for kids! Follow the clues that show below and write each of the solutions in the appropriate boxes.

  • Across: 3. Villain to finally stay minions. 4. Husband of great villain Scarlet. 6. Surname of the couple of villains Scarlet and Herb.
  • Down: 1. Minion with one eye that is quite unruly. 2. The highest and responsible minion. 5. The shortest and very sweet and innocent minion.
  • Mazes Activity Pages

    This maze game inspired by the legend of the Minotaur of Greek mythology. Your you enter the maze and through it, but you must be careful not to meet with the fearsome Minotaur in the middle of your way. Seeking an alternative route and avoid find this mythological beast bull-headed. Although you can see the solution at any time, we are sure you will find the exit without need our help.

    Complete the Drawing Activity Pages

    To complete the picture of this owl you can help the grid. If you divide the picture into small areas and you gradually filling you can make the complete picture more easily. This system is very utilizad to copy drawings, and also to expand a very useful and relatively simple. You love animals? now you can learn to draw with this fun activity.

    Sudoku Activity Pages

    The characters in the Disney Pixar "Inside Out" are in the control room to solve this puzzle. These numerical hobbies are very entertaining, and if it's starring your favorite characters, like Joy, disgust, fear, anger and sadness. With the large console with these safe characters who are able to help you with this activity numbers originating from Japan.

    Connect the Dots Activity Pages

    This children's dinosaur activity consists of connect the dots, which in this case are from 1 to 26. As can be seen with the naked eye, it is a dinosaur with a long neck that belongs to Brachiosaurus species. The brachiosaurus sauropods genre lived on planet Earth during the Jurassic period, in areas now occupied by Africa, North America and Europe. It was one of the larger animals that have never existed.