Simple sudoku

Simple sudoku is a puzzle inside of Sudoku category of activity pages for entertainment. The best and funniest games, puzzles, activities and hobbies, now to complete online. These types of entertainment games have their origin in the great continent of Asia, more specifically in the country of Japan. It came the first published around 1970. Is considered that its creator was Leonhard Euler Basel, who devised it in the eighteenth century. Today they have become one of the most popular games and puzzles, and everyone is usually entertaining in public transport with these sets of numbers. Although it is a game in which numbers have all the attention, the fact is that we should not do math. Rather, what you need to use is the logical place to find where to place each figure to the riddle is solved reasoning. You can not repeat the same number per row, column or square area of 3 x 3. Will you be able to solve our sudoku?


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Simple sudoku
This new sudoku is quite simple, and is decorated with pretty colors. Both the top and at the bottom we can see small colored squares that resemble pieces of a mosaic. The numbers inside the sudoku also have beautiful colors that serve as decoration. The difficulty of this mathematical activity page is quite low, so that anyone can get started in making these numerical games. If you like numbers, sure you will like so much these activities. These are games on paper with which you can spend time entertaining. Thanks to the activities you'll find on this site and will never again get bored, we will guarantee you it! If you want, you can print this game on a sheet of paper, and take it wherever you want.
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Completed 1871 times
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