Colors Sudoku

Colors Sudoku is a puzzle inside of Sudoku category of activity pages for entertainment. The best and funniest games, puzzles, activities and hobbies, now to complete online. Sudoku using colors instead of numbers.


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Colors Sudoku
If you’re tired of traditional Sudoku and you want to try something new, we offer our Color Sudoku. The dynamics are the same, with a new difficulty. Instead of numbers, the colors should be placed in their appropriate boxes. Like when numbers are used, you can not repeat the same color on the same line, column or 3x3 box. Under the activity page you can see the nine colors involved in this activity, so you can look out whenever you want. Do you think you’ll be able to resolve this revolutionary Sudoku? You can raise the challenge your friends using social networks. Who will be resolved in the shortest time? Forget the numbers and look only at the colors.
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Completed 1302 times
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