Spot 7 differences in Rio 2

Spot 7 differences in Rio 2 is a puzzle inside of Spot the Difference category of activity pages for entertainment. The best and funniest games, puzzles, activities and hobbies, now to complete online. The Rio 2 movie is the sequel to Rio, which premiered in 2011.


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Spot 7 differences in Rio 2
Here come the characters in the new movie Rio 2. In this activity page can see Blu and Jewel with her three children, who are triplets. We see Bia holding a butterfly, Carla listening to his iPod and Tiago waving a wing. This family of blue macaws hide 7 differences between the two images. Surely if you look at all the details will be able to find the 7 differences! This funny family of tropical birds will make you have a very fun time, with other characters like Eduardo, the father of Jewel, or Nigel, a cockatoo who wants revenge on Blu and Jewel by what they did in the past. Now you can have fun with all of them through this online hobby film by Blue Sky Studios.
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Completed 2153 times
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