Ice Age Maze

Ice Age Maze is a puzzle inside of Mazes category of activity pages for entertainment. The best and funniest games, puzzles, activities and hobbies, now to complete online. This fun acorn-shaped maze is the perfect activity for Scrat, a prehistoric squirrel is obsessed with acorns. This is specifically a saber-toothed squirrel that has a secondary role, adding gags and short little outside the main plot of the movie and serve as separators between different scenes. Because the acorn is the favorite Scrat’s food, this maze that has the same shape as this fruit is so fond of the nervous character of these films. This maze has a bit more difficult than previous mazes, to represent a challenge for children looking for more difficult activities. Ice Age films are movies that tell from a comic perspective and fun known as the great glaciation the planet when prehistoric animals must migrate to southern areas of the planet to escape the ice age. All animal species that appear in the movies, but are caricatured, are based on real extinct animal species but that populated our planet 20,000 years ago. Revive these movies with this Ice Age maze.


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Ice Age Maze
You know Scrat, the prehistoric squirrel from Ice Age movies, always getting in trouble in order to achieve their coveted acorns, which are their favorite food. He would even be able to get inside into a complicated maze acorn-shaped to achieve his goal. Are you able to trace a correct path from where Scrat is to the exit of the maze, at the top? This maze has a medium difficulty, so it can be more fun to make as there are many possibilities, and has several cut roads and many dead ends. The good thing about our activities for kids if you are wrong, you can erase the erroneous lines to try to find a new path.
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Completed 2503 times
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