Match Jobs with Vehicles

Match Jobs with Vehicles is a puzzle inside of Match category of activity pages for entertainment. The best and funniest games, puzzles, activities and hobbies, now to complete online. The matching activity pages consist to relate the elements from the left to the right. In this case, we see right working vehicles and left are different jobs. You must join a line each character with the corresponding car. The military are in charge of protecting a country. Firefighters always come to fight a fire or get trapped people. A painter is who covers a building or walls of a room with painting. The police are responsible for the streets of the city are in order and there is no crime. Thanks to doctors, our health is safe, and when emergencies they come quickly by the ambulances.


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Match Jobs with Vehicles
Do you recognize the different jobs that appear in this matching activity page? You see, on the left we see different jobs, and on the right are their means of transport. Many of these vehicles are equipped with what they need each one of the workers to perform their activity. You must join a military, a firefighter, a painter, a policeman and a doctor with the vehicles like a police car, a military jeep, an ambulance, a van or a fire truck. Are you able to find out who owns each? Sure you have no problem to find the solution of this connecting and matching activity.
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Completed 1861 times
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