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Crossword English-Spanish is a puzzle inside of Crosswords category of activity pages for entertainment. The best and funniest games, puzzles, activities and hobbies, now to complete online. The cross activity pages are quite fun entertainment, but it has another use. These terms mixed words in English with Spanish concepts. The words in both languages ​​appear next to their images, so that each icon is associated with English word and its meaning in Spanish. In this way, children can retain knowledge while having fun. The best way to complete this exercise is to find the place of words with more letters and then place those around. This activity is quite easy to do so they can do young children begin to learn a new language. If children start learning languages ​​when they are young, it becomes less difficult. At an early age is when a person absorbs and retains knowledge better. For this reason, the educational activities that are fun like these hobbies are a great resource for learning. Make activity pages in the computer also helps to start children in handling computers.


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Crossword English-Spanish
In this crossword activity page you will have to place at each place the terms in the list. The icons are in English and Spanish in order to learn some basic vocabulary. So, looking at the pictures, it is easier to learn their meaning in Spanish. Objects that appear are the basic elements commonly used in children’s drawings. Who has not ever drawn a house? Well now you will learn to say those six words in Spanish. Because the terms are very simple, we didn’t place any letter as a reference. Do not worry, paying attention is not difficult to place each word in its correct place.
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Completed 2681 times
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