Crossword puzzle of parts of the body

Crossword puzzle of parts of the body is a puzzle inside of Crossword Puzzles category of activity pages for entertainment. The best and funniest games, puzzles, activities and hobbies, now to complete online. The human body is composed of many parts, organs, muscles and bones. In this activity the most basic parts of the human body are named. It is perfect for the children to learn while having fun playing. It is an educational puzzle of the body parts. In this exercise, do not talk about internal elements. Only the parties who are named to the naked eye. There are some like the limbs, torso or joints of the arms and legs. Inside, there are many bones and muscles, and each is designed for a specific function. Injuries occur when any of these items is damaged and ceases to perform its function properly. When that happens you have to keep rest to heal.


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Crossword puzzle of parts of the body
With this puzzle you will learn all the parts of the body. Are the main parts in our body is divided, the limbs and joints. Here we show the definitions, see if you know all the words!
  • Across:
    2- One of the lower extremities. 4- The part of the body where the arm ends. 6- Joint in the middle of the leg. 8- Part of where are all the limbs. 9- Part that begins in the shoulder. 10- Part where the leg ends.
  • Down:
    1- Place where the eyes, ears or hair are. 3- Articulation of arm with the body. 5- Part that connects the body with the head. 7- Joint located in the middle of the arm.
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