Pikachu Connect the Dots

Pikachu Connect the Dots is a puzzle inside of Connect the Dots category of activity pages for entertainment. The best and funniest games, puzzles, activities and hobbies, now to complete online. Pikachu is a Pokémon from the first generation that has been present throughout all seasons of the anime series. This mouse Pokémon is of the electric type, and his most popular attack is ThunderShock. Pikachu is one of the few Pokémon that Ash don’t evolve throughout the series, and always remains in the first evolution. The pre-evolution of Pikachu is Pichu, and its subsequent evolution is Raichu, which can only be achieved by using a thunder stone. Originally, Pokémon started as a RPG video game for Nintendo Gameboy. Later expanded into other media, such as an anime series, a set of trading cards and a wide range of merchandising products. The video games were developed by the company Game Freak. To learn how to draw Pikachu, the activity of connecting up the dots is a good way to get fluency by drawing the outline of the drawing. Until today, all Pokémon fans have been enjoying six different generations, the latest comes with the launch of two new versions of the game, Pokémon X and Y in 2013, starring Xerneas and Yveltal. Can you return to complete the Pokédex?


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Pikachu Connect the Dots
Would you like to make your own drawing of Pikachu? The most famous of all Pokémon now comes with this hobby of connecting the dots. You should start at number 1, located in the upper left of the image. If you are connecting the dots neatly to 59, you will get a picture of Pikachu. When you are done, you can color the favorite of Ash’s Pokémon. Anyone can make a drawing if you join up the dots, so do not worry if you can not draw. With these activities you can learn to draw until you no longer need to connect the dots. Have fun with the best activities of your favorite characters. If you prefer, you can download to print on paper and take it anywhere.
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Completed 10614 times
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